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A new series of articles and stories that offer the other point of view, what is hidden behind the mirror – an unfiltered true picture of the blogging world behind the scenes. It will include topics such as why I hate the titles “blogger” and “influencer”, the unavoidable restriction of individual creativity, mental health rumours, the expectations vs reality of freelance life and more.

Some very useful apps for creative individuals and content creators or simply if you are looking for something refreshing to download :)

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First travel piece


The Magic of Riads

Marrakech is the jewel of North Africa and a must-visit for all who love exploring vibrant and exciting new places. What makes this trip really complete and unique is the place you chose to stay. Read my piece on the magic of staying in a riad - a traditional Moroccan house and my four recommended places :

My upcoming trips:

Cappadocia, the land of hot air balloons and dreamy sunrises

(02. - 07.04.2019)

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